Phil York
Las Vegas Wedding Minister


Of Rev. Philip York


______ and ______, you have come into this special day to be united in marriage.

Who presents this _______ to this _______ ?

Marriage is a beautiful and holy estate. It is the first and oldest rite in the world. It was instituted in the time of man’s beginnings and sanctioned by the Prophets and Seers of the ages. Marriage is a marvelous adventure, a journey taken by two. Marriage is a commitment to live together; to love together; to celebrate together; and to work out all of the challenges of life together. It is also an experience that is shared by family and friends and blessed by God.

It is into this time honored and Holy estate you have now come to be joined. May the celebration of this special day live long in your memory. The happiness that is made actual in this union is only made real when there is the utmost surrender of yourself and your heart to each other. Because you are taking into the care and keeping the happiness of the one that you love most. And let us remember what love is.

Love is patient,wedding3

Love is kind,

Love knows no jealousy,

Love makes no parade,

Does not boast,

Love is never rude,

Never selfish,

Never irritated,

Never resentful,

In fact love is never glad when others go wrong,

For love is gladdened by goodness.

Always slow to expose,

Always eager to believe the best,

Always hopeful,

True love never disappears.

______ and _______ let your love be very strong,

So it overcomes all of life’s obstacles.

Do you ______ take _______ to be your wedded wife?

To love her, to cherish her, to always speak the truth in love,

And will you tenderly care for her? (I do. Or, I will.)

Do you ______ take ______ to be your wedded husband?

To love him, to cherish him, to always speak the truth in love,

And will you tenderly care for him? (I do. Or, I will.)

(At this juncture, if you want to say your own vows to each other,

This is the place.)

Groom, please repeat after me.

I ______take you _____ to be my wedded wife.

Bride, please repeat after me.

I _____ take you ______ to be my wedded husband.

Now, will you both repeat together?

To have and to hold from this day forward,

For joy and celebration,

For love and understanding,

And hereto I pledge you my love.

May I have the rings please?

By its shape the ring symbolizes eternity, because it is an unbroken circle,

Without beginning or end.

By its substance, the precious metal symbolizes wisdom, purity and enduring value.

May these rings be blessed, as a symbol of your love for one another, as your are now joined in an unbroken circle, and my your love for one another be wise, be pure and be eternal.

Groom place this ring on her finger and repeat a after me.

With this ring I marry you, praying that our love will grow stronger through the passing years.

Bride place this ring on his finger and repeat after me.

With this ring I marry you, praying that our love will never fail.

_______ and ______ each time you look upon these rings and remember this day, I will never leave you nor forsake you. Set me as a seal upon your arm. Set me as a seal upon your heart. And, wherever you go, I will go. Wherever you live, I will live. And, your people shall be my people. And, your God, my God.

_______ and _______, you have said your vows to each other. You have acknowledged your love for each other by the giving and receiving of those lovely rings. I therefore, by the Laws of the State of Nevada, pronounce you husband and wife. And, now Sir, you may kiss your bride.

This is my standard ceremony. It can be adapted for a Christian ceremony. It can also be changed to a civil ceremony. It also has many places where songs, readings, a unity candle or other ideas of your choice can be inserted.

Here you can watch a piece of a sample ceremony:

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