Phil York
Las Vegas Wedding Minister

The question is asked, "Is anything more beautiful in life than a young man and woman clasping smooth hands and pure hearts in the path of marriage?"  And the answer given is "Yes-there is a more beautiful thing: it is the spectacle of an old man and woman finishing their journey together on that path.

Their hands are gnarled but still clasped; their faces are wrinkled but still radiant; their hearts are tired but still strong.  They have proved the real happiness of marriage."

Performing a LIVE wedding during Martina McBride and Pat Monahan's performance of "Marry Me" at this year's 2012 ACM Awards on CBS.


Dear Rev. York,

This is the new JUDY JONES, as of Sunday May 20th, thanks to you.  I want you to know that I searched Vegas Weddings and viewed over 600 videos looking for what I really wanted and then I found you. You are the most inspiring minister and so meaningful. Your sermon captured my heart. YOU, made our day so very special and I can't Thank You enough.  As they say, you were the frosting on our cake. You are so special!

You are truly gifted!

Believe me when I tell you that you are the VERY BEST! Just knowing that we were going to get to have you for our minister, gave me piece of mind (other than flying, I hate that).
You will always have a place in my heart for just being you and giving me the greatest gift and memory of all "Our Wedding". As you know me and Kevin have been around for a while and this marriage is our last rodeo. I am looking forward to peace, contentment and happiness, and your words will be with me forever.

Thank you, thank you, for all that you do and all that you are!
Sincerely and proudly, JUDY JONES  Yeah!


Dear Rev. York,

After 12 years of marriage We want to thank you again for the beautiful words that made a bond of lasting love. We love each other more each day and your words keep us strong. We are so happy and you were perfect!! We were married at Circus Circus so we were worried but the wedding was perfect because of you. Thank you just doesn't seem enough.

Roy and Cindy Shults